10 Drake and Rick Ross Collabs That Prove the Duo Never Make Bad Songs

"Gold Roses" is the latest offering showing how the partners-in-rhyme have consistently created classics.
July 26, 2019, 6:26pm
drake and rick ross
Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Drake and Rick Ross are frequent collaborators . A month after the release of their "Money in the Grave" collaboration, they've teamed up again on "Gold Roses", the third single from Rick Ross' upcoming Port of Miami 2. With its slow-tempo beat and clean-cut bars detailing each rapper's sentiment about their current state in life, the introspective single is the latest reminder of how the duo effortlessly trades fire verses whenever they hop on a track together. If Drake's memorable line "bitch, you wasn't with me shooting in the gym" from Ross' 2012 single "


Stay Scemin" or Ross' verse in Drake's 2011 single "Lord Knows" are any indication, Ross and Drake are easily each other's best collaborators. Here's a list of indelible Drake and Rick Ross singles that strongly make the case for the pair being hip-hop's most exciting duo:

"Aston Martin Music" (2010)

A highlight in each rapper's discography, "Aston Martin Music," which also features Chrisette Michele, was the third single from Rick Ross' fourth album Teflon Don. As its hook implies, the single is meant to be played while driving in your Aston Martin with your significant other for a soothing ride.With Drake singing his past relationship mistakes and Ross rapping about being infatuated with his lover, the song certainly has the Bonnie and Clyde vibe written all over it.

" Lord Knows" (2011)

Drake and Ross share bars of inspiration on this Just-Blaze produced banger from Drake's Grammy Award-winning Take Care. The rappers offer skull-crushing lines that clearly outline the many reasons why they're the best in the rap game and aren't to be played with. Paired with a gospel choir in the background, the awe-inspiring bars highlight how blessed both rappers are.

" Free Spirit" (2011)

Unlike the song's title, Drake makes it clear that he does not want his lover to be a free spirit. That's why he sings on the chorus about wanting her to tattoo his name on her so he "know it's real." While he's on the road, he wants to ensure that every man knows she's his partner. Ross' verse at the end of the song highlights how we wants his partner to keep him grounded. Although the single features a variety of hard-hitting flows from both rappers, it certainly reeks of misogyny as both Drake and Ross assume ownership of their respective partners while making overly possessive requests of them to mask the pair's own insecurities.


"Made Men" (2011)

Drake and Ross reunite again to rap about their respective opulent lifestyles which include money, women, and designer clothes. From Drake rapping about his infatuation with Rihanna and Ross' verse about how his success makes him get any woman he wants, the single is filled bars informing listeners of how the pair plans to dominate the rap game. It's another example of how the duo hasn't made a bad song together.

" I'm on One" (2011)

The DJ Khaled-track, which also features Lil Wayne, includes Drake and Ross' best verses ever. While Drake raps about being hip-hop's new king, Ross rhymes about the many women and cars that he has. The video for this single is a little dated as it features a beardless Drake and a Four Loko-carrying DJ Khaled.

"Stay Schemin" (2012)

Released on Ross' 2012 mixtape Rich Forever, the single, which also features French Montana, is mainly about remaining loyal to your friends regardless of the situation. Ross offers slow-paced flows about holding his friends down and supporting them, but it's Drake's controversial verse that takes center stage. Not only was Drake's verse a response to Common's "Sweet" diss of him, his line "bitch, you wasn't with me shootin' in the gym" seemed to take aim at Vanessa Bryant, who filed for divorce from Kobe Bryant at that time. The single was one of the earlier examples of how Drake verses could become trending topics.


"Diced Pineapples' (2012)

In one of the more romantic Drake and Ross collaborations, the rappers express their love for their partners. The single, which also features Wale, was on Ross' fifth album God Forgives, I Don't. While Wale's verse gives the single a poetic vibe, Drake's chorus and Ross' verse highlight how they want to treat their lovers in the best way possible. Like "Aston Martin Music", "Diced Pineapples" proves that Drake and Ross can makes classics in the R&B realm as well.

"Pop That" (2013)

In case the song's title doesn't ring any bells, the video explicitly shows what "Pop That" is about. Ross and Drake pair to brag about how they could easily get any women they want while expressing their love for women with big breasts and big butts. It's also the first time listeners hear Drake rap about his current nickname "Champagne Papi."

"Money in the Grave" (2019)

"Money in the Grave" was a part of the two-track project that Drake released last month to commemorate the Toronto Raptors winning the NBA Championship. Although it had been a while since Ross and Drake were on a track together, the fire verses from both artists reminded listeners why the duo fit perfectly on any single together.

"Gold Roses" (2019)

On their latest collaboration, Drake and Ross evoke a more somber mood as each of them express their latest troubles and the current state of their career. Drake croons about failed relationships while Ross raps about being ok with often being underrated ("I was nominated, but never won a Grammy, but I understand they'll never understand me").