How Manhattan’s District Attorney Prosecutes Cybercrime

Elizabeth Roper, the office's cybercrime and identity theft bureau chief, explains how one of the country’s most important prosecutors goes after cybercriminals.
May 7, 2019, 4:33pm

New York City may not literally be the center of the world, but it’s certainly a critical nerve in the world of finance. This makes it an attractive place to commit crime and fraud.

That’s why the Manhattan District Attorney is one of America’s most crucial prosecutor’s offices, tasked with investigating high-profile corruption, terrorism, and cybercrime cases.

In this week’s CYBER podcast, we sat down with Elizabeth Roper, who heads the office’s cybercrime and identity theft bureau. She has prosecuted cases of SIM swapping—such as the indictment of an alleged SIM swapper who targeted more than 50 victims—dark web drug smuggling, and other cybercrimes.

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