Meet CHANGES, Melbourne's New Festival With 80+ Acts

That's right, *over* 80 artists.

This year, a new festival is coming to warm up Melbourne's frosty winter: CHANGES is two days of talks, workshops and music outlining the future of the music industry. A whole big massive host of incredible artists and speakers are playing across two nights in Melbourne, including reps from SXSW and Coachella, record label execs, journalists, and artists like ALTA, Ausmuteants, RVG, Saatsuma and Terry. It's a lot to take in, because, well, it's a lot of content. But have no fear: We're here to tell you the best things to see and do over the two days. Grab tickets here, and find our top recommendations below.


In Conversation with Jenn Pelly

Groundbreaking punk critic Jenn Pelly will be in conversation with Noisey Australia (that's us!) discussing culture and music writing. Jenn will also talk about her 2017 book The Raincoats, a vivid document of one of the greatest punk bands to ever work. A brilliant writer and radical thinker, we can't wait to hear Jenn in conversation.

The Importance of Covering Artists Outside the Mainstream

More than just a streaming service, Bandcamp has seen increasing success over the last several years, and part of its growth has been in good old-fashioned music journalism. While the conventional music press zigged on covering popular artists, Bandcamp Daily have zagged to great acclaim, uncovering trends and artists bubbling just under the surface. In this session, Bandcamp Daily’s editorial director Joseph Edward Keyes talks about the first two years of Bandcamp’s mission to educate. There are few sources for finding new music as deep or well-curated as Bandcamp, so this talk from a core member of the Bandcamp team is sure to be great.

Our Golden Friend Showcase

RVG, fresh off a European tour with Shame, will headline this party curated by local legends Our Golden Friend. Also playing are some of our favourite Melbourne artists including Dianas, Moonlover, Sweet Whirl, Elizabeth (of Totally Mild), and Primo. It's free entry with your festival pass. No brainer, right?

Ableton Push Creation Stations

Ableton Push Creation Stations will be available for people to lock in and jam away, with a specially designed system that can either guide you through the basics, or throw you into the depths of electronic music improvisation.Each station is its own private space, with headphones, a laptop and a Push 2, letting you try things out in your own time in a zero-pressure environment.

Ableton Certified Trainer Dizz1 will be on site to offer guidance and inspiration and answer any questions you may have. Whether you’ve been fantasizsing about jamming for the first time with electronic music, or you want to extend your existing knowledge and play with an advanced template – this is the place for you to try out new sounds, new gear, and new ideas.

Move Towards the Mountain

“Move Towards the Mountain” comes from a saying which describes your goal as a mountain, framing every decision you make with whether it is taking you closer towards the mountain or further away. Beatrice has worked as a producer, vocalist, a composer for theatre and television, a workshop facilitator in some of the most remote communities in the world, and experienced the challenges and celebrations of being in a band. She knows a thing or two about taking a journey. In this session, Beatrice from Haiku Hands will share life altering moments and also extreme challenges you might face as you find a way towards your mountain.

CHANGES hits Melbourne next week. You really don't want to miss out. Grab tickets here.