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Dizzee Rascal Just Revealed the Tracklist for His New Album, 'Raskit'

No release date is known yet, but 16 tracks of greatness look likely.

Via a livestream (ta for that one, Frank Ocean) Dizzee Rascal just revealed the tracklist for his new album Raskit. The video featured Dizzee playing what were presumably snippets of new material, writing the title of each song down as the music excerpts played. When he'd run through all the tracks, the livestream went blank, before re-appearing with the written tracklist as the main screen.

Not much else – features, release date – is known about the project just yet, but now we have a tracklist it feels like it Dizzee's first album in four years could drop at any minute. And if you can't decipher the handwriting, we've done the legwork for you:

  • Focus
  • Wot U Gonna Do
  • Space
  • I Ain't Even Gonna Lie
  • How Bad Do You Want It
  • Make It Last
  • Ghost
  • Business Man
  • Bop n Keep It Dippin
  • She Knows What She Wants
  • Dummy
  • Everything Must Go
  • Slow Your Roll
  • Sicka Dis Shit
  • Way I Am
  • Man of the House

Wiley fans, please commence your threads on which track could feasibly be the alleged "send" that caused a bit of a Twitter flurry earlier this week.

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