Danny L Harle Brings the Feeling with Another Sad-Pop Banger “Never Thought”

90s Euro-club beats, infectious synth, saccharine sweet vocals… you know the drill.
June 1, 2017, 10:35am

If you read Noisey dot com on the regular, you will know that we published a piece at the end of March in which we spoke about "The Feeling," AKA those tracks that capture the very specific, bittersweet feeling that permeates British summer. In Ryan Bassil's very own words: "it's not a holiday abroad; it's a weekend in the city on a budget, overseen by a rush of endorphins that can be felt by anyone with the desire to open themselves up to summer's exciting possibility…it's a fucking abstract idea, perhaps with its own songs for each specific set of person, but universal in that it can be understood by anyone who has ever been excited by the prospect of leaving the house in shorts for the first time that year."


Anyway, personally, I think Danny L Harle of PC Music fame is a master at making songs that evoke "The Feeling," in the sense that his music manages to blend excitement with melancholia and makes it fizz with possibility. His new track "Never Thought" is no different, evoking all those feelings we associate with sporadic sunny days in Britain. Perhaps that's why he released it under the moniker Danny Sunshine, with artwork showing a bright, glistening blue pool—because he knows. With it's 90s Euro-club beats, infectious synth and saccharine sweet vocals, "Never Thought" is a characteristically Danny banger.

Turn it below:

(Image via PR)

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