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Mija Gives Away the Delirious Soundtrack to Her Short Film, 'Time Stops'

Come for the impossibly catchy title track, stay for the LA producer's dynamic eclecticism.
Photo courtesy of Blood Company.

OWSLA affiliate Mija today shared the happy hardcore-influenced soundtrack for her forthcoming Time Stops short film. The release comes four tracks long, and exemplifies the LA producer's usual disregard for genre conventions by working with 8 bit styles, gleeful rave exuberance, and synth pop motifs at various points. Mija released it on her own Never B Alone imprint, and has given it away for free download.


Each song soundtracks a different storyline in the film, which will be released in four installments throughout the summer; the deliriously infectious title track was initially released yesterday as part of the Adult Swim's Singles program. Time Stops was directed Los Angeles filmmaker Ryan Forever, who previously worked with Mija on her "Secrets" music video. 8-Bit Cinema founder David Dutton is behind the animation.

The artist's last solo release was "Secrets," an exuberant track built around Canadian sad pop icons Tegan and Sara's "Boyfriend."

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