Is Ice-T Dril? An Exhaustive Investigation


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Is Ice-T Dril? An Exhaustive Investigation

Many have noted that the rapper-turned-actor has a lot in common with the internet poet laureate. Let's examine this further through the power of "Tweets."

A theory has been making its way around Twitter over the last few years. It suggests that Ice-T and Dril are kindred spirits, or perhaps even the same person. And indeed, there are some suspicious similarities between the Body Count frontman and the anonymous internet auteur. Both masterfully use the medium of Twitter to dole out brilliant gems of unsolicited advice, irreverent brain droppings, and absurdist armchair commentary.


After months of Twitter users floating this theory at Ice, he finally addressed the situation, claiming that he was unfamiliar with the works of Dril:

A likely story. But let’s take a look at the pair’s Twitter patterns, which are similar both in theme and style.

First, they’re both Proud Gamers who unapologetically own two consoles:

As gamers, they’ve both run into their share of controller-related health problems:

They both also have a hard time keeping their cool at Game Stop:

They will game on Facebook and talk all the shit they want there:

What do their weekends look like? Pretty similar, actually:

They share the same nihilistic political views:

They’re both weary of what Big Government is doing with our tax dollars:

Neither will hesitate to block and/or unfollow your clown ass if you support criminals:

Neither has much use for Instagram:

They both love to quote the late George Carlin:

Both men bust huge, debilitating nuts:

But while both Ice-T and Dril have similar views on sex, politics, and gaming, it’s their views on Twitter that really coincide. For example, they each keep one eye on their online haters:

Both understand that losing followers now and then is all part of the game:

They both have interesting ideas for Twitter execs on how to deal with blocked accounts:

They both have a ZERO tolerance policy for smashing that block button:

Both will deal with their timelines as they see fit:


They will read the comment boxes as they deem appropriate to do so:

The bloggers go nuts for their tweets (guilty!):

They can both get down with a good unboxing video:

They recognize the correlation between posting and having a high IQ:

Exhibit B:

They know how to rile up the haters:

Neither is the type to kiss and tell:

But they are the type to get in fights on the bus:

They both recognize their manhoods could stand to get examined by an OBGYN:

They both look back at the toilet afterwards:

And finally, they both do the public service of spotlighting the potential dangers of an April Fools joke: