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Of Course Donald Trump Hates Dogs

Need another reason to hate him? Here you go.
Photo of Trump (L) via Mark Wilson/Getty Images, and dog (R) via David McNew/Getty Images.

After former Apprentice contestant and White House official Omarosa Manigault Newman kicked off her book tour, revealing the Trump administration's twisted secrets, the president shot back by tweeting:

It's certainly not the first time Trump has used the insult, which is more than just a little dehumanizing. But a tidbit from a recent Washington Post report may shed some light on why "dog" is an especially harsh insult coming from Trump (emphasis mine):


Longtime Trump observers say it is a measure of his rage and sense of betrayal that he called Manigault Newman “that dog.” The president, who has an aversion to dogs and other pets, considers canine comparisons to be among his most devastating put-downs.

That's right, liberals! If you needed another reason to hate Trump, now you have one—he doesn't like dogs.

According to domestic animal researcher John Bradshaw, "Recent studies have shown that affection for pets goes hand-in-hand with concern for the natural world… Pets may help us to reconnect with the world of nature from which we evolved." So it's not surprising that Trump hates dogs—just look at his anti-environmental polices.

Still, the natural question arises: How the fuck can someone hate a creature as precious and pure as a dog? Dogs rule the internet. They save lives. And one glance at their dumbfounded, happy little faces is enough to bring about unbridled joy in even the most cold-hearted among us. Hell, even Putin likes them.

It is important to note, however, that Donald Trump loves birds. So there's that.

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