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SmokePurpp's New Video Is a Blunted Journey "To the Moon"

And also to an airplane and a strip club.

If you've not been following along, the rise of young Miami rapper SmokePurrp—alongside that of his longtime pal and collaborator Lil Pump—has been one of the more exciting rides in rap's underground this year. On the wings of blunt production, combustible live shows, a general aesthetic that he and Pump self-describe as "ignorant," and an eerie knack for turning simple lyrics into dizzy mantras, he's quickly become one of the internet's favorite rappers and a thorn in the side of hip-hop traditionalists. But he's never really seemed especially pressed to win anyone over, which his new video for "To the Moon" is further proof of.


Cast in a purple glow—naturally—"To the Moon" gets a day-in-the-life sorta clip as SmokePurrp icily raps along to the single in an plane and a strip club, two places, generally speaking, where the powers that be don't love people filming. Still, he dazily drawls into the camera because, you know, who cares if you get kicked out of a moving airplane? Watch the clip above and read a clip from Purpp about the process of making it below.

"'To the Moon' was glimpse of my life at that time," SmokePurrp explains. "I told [director] RAHEEMISBLIND to just capture me in my natural element and fuse all of it together. Because of my lifestyle most of this was super random and filmed late at night. Like, as soon as we woke up in our flight I wanted to film, so we did. That's like the whole project, I just did what the hell I wanted, how I thought things should be done."