Find Out Which Politician Is Your Astrological Soulmate
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Find Out Which Politician Is Your Astrological Soulmate

We asked one of New York's favorite astrology duos, the Saturn Sisters, to weigh in on the most important question this election cycle: Which politician should you date, based on your sign? (Don't worry: Trump isn't compatible with anyone.)

Looking to the stars can often help us find some earthly answers. So what better time to turn to astrology than during this presidential election cycle, when nothing on Earth seems to make sense?

We talked to the Saturn Sisters, NYC astrologers Stefanie Weiss and Sherene Vismaya, and they provided some astrological insight into both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's campaigns. During the debates, Clinton—a Scorpio—and Trump—a Gemini—will clash, unsurprisingly. "Hillary has her Mars in Leo, so she and Trump will be really interesting in the debate because Trump's rising sign is Leo," Weiss said. "They're really going to go at it, verbally."


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The candidates and their Vice Presidential picks, however, are perfectly aligned. "What's amazing is that the Vice Presidents that each presidential candidate chose get along with their candidate really well," she noted. "Hillary's Moon is in Pisces… It's the reason why she is so perfect for Tim Kaine, who is a Pisces," she said. "They'll really get along so well and understand each other on an emotional level."

As for Trump and Mike Pence, their charts show a troublingly apt match: "Mike Pence is all Gemini: His Sun, Mercury, and Moon are all in Gemini. He's really on the same page with Trump in a lot of ways. They both have a dark sexual side."

But we also consulted the astrology duo on this year's most urgent question: Who is right for you? Find out which politician will make you Pokémon Go to the polls… in their heart.


You should date: Cory Booker (Taurus)

The chart for the United States Senator from New Jersey shows that he is really down-to-earth and grounded. Booker might come off feisty, but he's level-headed, as shown in his diplomatic response to Trump's recent Twitter insults. Likewise, he needs someone who is earthy and sensual, but also fiery. A passionate Aries could ignite his romantic spark, as Booker was born under Venus retrograde in Aries.

However, this could also indicate drama: Booker's chart shows that both Venus and Mars were retrograde on his birth date, which is very rare; these planets probably have the strongest pull on his psyche. It's likely that he has a lot of karmic lessons to learn around relationships and that he has a tendency to hang onto old lovers. As a Taurus, he doesn't get over people he gets involved with easily. But he and an Aries could be explosive—and because he's an Earth sign with his Moon in Virgo, he can sustain the relationship.



You should date: Bernie Sanders (Virgo)

The Vermont Senator's chart speaks to exactly how we've seen him on the campaign trail and the person we've watched him blossom into over the last year. His Sun sign is Virgo, the sign of selfless service, of course. That's his whole mission: to serve and protect the world. His Venus and Mercury are both in Libra, which is the sign of love, diplomacy, and justice. The intense Sanders we see speaking at events comes from his Moon in Aries.

Sanders's alignment indicates he is most compatible with another Earth sign, like Taurus. Together you two can engage some passionate debate. When you share the same element with someone, you really feel each other. There's a depth of understanding that, for Earth signs, is built on a steadiness and a practicality. With his Venus, Mercury, and Neptune all in Libra—the sign of justice and diplomacy that also rules the tendency to want to settle down—he is likely an affectionate and romantic partner.

Between his Scorpio rising and Moon in Aries, it would be no surprise if Sanders has a wilder side. You might have noticed that once in awhile, after he does a fiery speech, he breaks into a devilish smile, especially when people are applauding him. That's the Scorpio rising.


You should date: Tim Kaine (Pisces)

Clinton's VP pick is very mutable, but he has an passionate Aries rising. His chart suggests that in a relationship, he likes the chase—which isn't very shocking when you've seen how hot he used to be. Kaine needs someone really smart and almost impossible to get. He has an Aries, Gemini, Pisces combo. This is the type who always wants what he can't have; he's very competitive and wants the challenge.


A Gemini partner would be best. He needs a combination of someone fiery and also very elusive—someone who could play the game with him for a little while. He's a Pisces so he has the ability to seduce a more sensitive type, but he would break their heart. Though his Venus in Aquarius suggests that he can have moments of passion, he likely puts most of his energy into his career. Although he can come across as very poetic and romantic, there's a chance that he might be a disappointing partner.


You should date: Elizabeth Warren (Cancer)

The Massachusetts Senator is unsurprisingly a Libra rising, a sign that's all about diplomacy and justice. Astrologically, her upstanding political character also translates romantically: Her Moon is in Taurus in her 7th house, which is very loving, loyal, and romantic. She's very ruled by Venus. Both of the major factors in her chart—her rising and her moon—are in Venus-ruled signs, Libra and Taurus. She needs a stable partner who likes to be in a longterm relationship.

She has Mars and Mercury in Gemini, which makes her a great orator, and it's in her 8th house, which rules sex, death, and rebirth. She needs a partner who is whip-smart—as smart as she is.


You should date: Michelle Obama (Capricorn)

The First Lady is a very strong Capricorn; that's why she's so steady. Her Sun sign is Capricorn, and she also has Mercury in Capricorn. She is an intellectual when it comes to love and romance. She can be a little bit detached, which is a healthy thing. A confident Leo could help her connect more to her heart energy; Leo is the opposite sign of all her inner planets—her Venus, Moon, Saturn, and Mars. She needs someone who is really expressive and wears their heart on their sleeve.



You should date: President Barack Obama (Leo)

Romantically, our 44th President needs someone who is loyal. Because Leo rules his marriage house, he also needs a queen. He needs to be with someone who has a lot of self-confidence and self-love. With his Moon in Gemini, he also needs someone who is really smart and who he can really talk to, since he can get in his head. His Saturn in Capricorn suggests that, in a relationship, he is loyal and has integrity. He needs someone who is fiery, down-to-earth, sensitive, and hardworking: A Virgo could fit the bill.


You should date: Kirsten Gillibrand (Sagittarius)

Senator Gillibrand is driven by justice and the desire to do the right thing, though her Scorpio Moon ensures that it's not all work. When she takes a break from fighting for paid family leave for all Americans, she is also passionate and romantic. Her chart suggests that she might have a thing for Libras, who also hold justice above all.


You should date: Joe Biden (Scorpio)

Joe Biden is a very spiritual and grounded guy, according to his chart. His Sun is in Scorpio; as is typical with the Water sign, he's very private and needs a lot of time to himself. But he's also loyal, due to his Moon in Taurus—he is simply looking for a fellow loyal Scorpio to share an ice cream cone with.


You should date: Joe Kennedy III

This young Congressman, who made his national debut introducing Elizabeth Warren at the DNC, also happens to be a Kennedy. Despite his straight-laced, near-royal legacy, his chart suggests that he might have a wilder side. He has Mars and Uranus conjunct in Scorpio, squaring his moon in Leo, which likely means that there's a lot of passion beneath his Saturn conjunct in Libra, which makes him appear more balanced and wholesome. He's a Gemini rising as well, so he also has that trickster element.


Though he's going to be drawn to Scorpios, that might not be the best match for him. He needs an equally fun-loving Sagittarius, an outgoing Fire sign who has a sense of adventure. He would benefit most from being with someone who is as feisty and intense as he is.


You should date: George W. Bush (Cancer)

Our 43rd President is a Leo rising with Mercury on the ascendant, which is really interesting—usually if you have Mercury on the ascendant, you're a lot more articulate than he is. However, the fact that he remains an enigma who paints dogs and formerly started illegal wars makes sense: His Cancer sun is in the 12th house, which means he's a private person. He also has his Moon conjunct Jupiter, which is why he sometimes comes across as jolly and innocuous; his Moon is in Libra conjunct Jupiter in the 3rd house, which is also very convivial and clownish.

Romantically, he has Venus in Leo, so he likes a little bit of drama and spice in his relationships. His opposite sign is Capricorn, and this sign's steadiness could attract him.


You should date: Justin Trudeau (Capricorn)

A Capricorn with a Moon in Aries and a Virgo rising, Canada's hottest prime minister is also a total romantic. He's likely to chase after someone who is as hot as he is; he is looking for a muse. An Aquarius could pique his interests.


You should date: Hilary Clinton (Scorpio)

Hilary Clinton, as we know, is a Scorpio. But not only is her sun sign Scorpio—she has Mercury and Venus in Scorpio as well. Her Moon in Pisces, adding another Water sign to the mix. People tend to think of her as a Teflon woman, and her chart shows that she is indeed hard to access. For Scorpios, the primary thing is loyalty and privacy. These aspects drive Scorpio's personality.


Clinton's chart indicates that, in private, she warms up to people. Emotionally, she goes far deeper than anyone could imagine from seeing her public persona. She keeps herself wound up so tightly because there is so much emotional depth there, and she actually feels quite vulnerable. That's the secret to a Scorpio: They always feel like their organs are on the outside of their skin. Sometimes when they lash out at people, or when they sting you in that classic Scorpio way, it's because they're protecting themselves from that deep well of vulnerability.

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She would be most compatible with another Water sign, like Pisces. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac: Scorpio is more in a protective stance, and Pisces is more open. Pisces tend to be sweet, so you can draw out that side of Clinton's Scorpio nature.

No one should date: Donald Trump (Gemini)

Donald Trump, unfortunately the official Republican presidential nominee, has a Leo rising. Leos are brash, and they have to own every room. That's pretty much Trump. Troublingly, he also has Mars right on his ascendant in his 12th house, which indicates violence. Even when he's giving a speech that doesn't necessarily have violent themes, you feel violence coming off of him. He emits rage all the time, and this could explain why. Having Mars on your ascendent means you're a walking rage-bomb.

This doesn't bode well for him, romantically. He his Saturn is in Venus, which means he is probably cold to people and critical. His chart indicates that he is likely incompatible with everyone. As a Gemini, he's also duplicitous. His Sun is conjunct Uranus in his 10th house, which suggests that, in his public persona, he's lying all the time—saying one thing and then doing the opposite. That's the Gemini tendency toward having split personalities. It's just dark all around.

(Side note: Putin has his Moon in Gemini, so he could be compatible with Donald Trump.)