Is Finally Offline

The main subscription website for Girls Do Porn is down, as its owner Michael Pratt remains a wanted fugitive of the FBI.
January 15, 2020, 4:28pm
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The main website of Girls Do Porn, a porn production company that's facing federal sex trafficking charges, is finally offline. This comes after a civil court ruling that its owners are guilty of coercing women to have sex on camera, and lying about how those videos would be distributed all over the internet. The civil case was brought by 22 women, but their lawyers claim they interviewed hundreds more women who appeared in Girls Do Porn videos and had the same experience.


Adult industry blog Mike South first noticed the site was down on Sunday, but according to, which pings sites to check server status, has been down for at least a week.

On January 2, a state judge tentatively awarded more than $12.7 million to the plaintiffs who claimed that Girls Do Porn, owned and operated by Michael Pratt, tricked them into appearing in pornographic films under the pretense that those films would never appear online. The videos were almost immediately spread across the internet, for free on tube sites and on, which sold subscriptions to view full videos.

In October, in the middle of the civil trial, Girls Do Porn's owner and several of its operators and employees were charged with federal counts of sex trafficking. Pratt is currently a wanted fugitive whose whereabouts are unknown. Last month, Pratt's brothers were charged with obstructing the federal investigation into Girls Do Porn, as they helped move computer equipment out of Pratt's former home.

We don't know at this time exactly why the website is down, but there is no public record or announcement of it being seized by law enforcement. For example, when the feds seized, the webpage displayed a notice that it was down as part of an investigation. The FBI declined to comment for this story.

John O'Brien, one of the attorneys representing the women, told Motherboard he wasn't aware of the site being taken down as part of the ruling in the civil case. As part of the ruling, Girls Do Porn is prohibited from using or distributing the plaintiffs' likenesses and videos, and must remove any videos of the plaintiffs from sites owned or controlled by Girls Do Porn, as well as "take active steps to have such images, likenesses and videos removed from circulation and to safeguard plaintiffs' privacy."

Several of the modeling website domains are listed as up for sale pending renewal. Most of the websites listed in the ruling as controlled by Pratt are also down, including several of the modeling gig websites that served as fronts for Girls Do Porn's operation, another website Pratt formerly owned, is still online, but that domain was transferred to someone else in 2018, according to the ruling.