Air Force Video Explains What a Penis Is

STIs_6329/FinalExports6Mar19/REFS/STI_SC#04_MaleRepro_5Mar19_REF_DVIDS.mp4 is an Air Force produced video that covers the basics of the penis.
Image: U.S. Air Force capture

It has the feel of a lost Tim and Eric sketch. A purple screen with the words “Male Reproductive System” hovers. A man dressed in an Air Force Airman Battle Uniform sits in a room with two screens next to him. He is Dr. Mayzik. Another Air Force doctor appears on the screen. He is Dr. Patel. They are here to tell you about the penis.

The efficient 2-minute long video is a tour of the penis and how it works. “The parts of the male reproductive system located outside of the body, called the genitals, include the penis, scrotum, and testicles,” Patel said. As he speaks the words, they appear on the purple screen in a descending list. The video cuts to a 3D rendering of an uncircumcised penis.


The camera zooms in, Magic School Bus style, and we’re taken on a magical journey through how the dick works. From the epididymis to the vas deferens to the origins of seme, all your favorite penis facts are here. If you never learned about the corpora cavernosa or have ever wanted to see a cross section of the penis made by the U.S. Air Force, this is the video for you.

The video is on the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service, a Pentagon run repository of images and videos created by the U.S. military. The only clue to its origins is its title—STIs_6329/FinalExports6Mar19/REFS/STI_SC#04_MaleRepro_5Mar19_REF_DVIDS.mp4. It was posted on DVIDS by the Air Education and Training Command. Presumably, this video is a 2-minute segment of a larger presentation the Air Force gives to incoming Airmen about sexually transmitted diseases.

“This video is part of a series of medical training videos that were intended to be uploaded to a location available for use by personnel in our Military Treatment Facilities,” Colonel Todd Vician of the Air Force’s Air Education and Training Command told Motherboard in an email. “The videos cover a range of medical topics, to include everything from Traumatic Brain Injury to dealing with the common cold.”

Update 7/7/2021: This story has been updated with a response from the Air Force.