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Disgraced UKIP Member of the Week: Donald Grewar

This week, a UKIP candidate in South Wales resigned after praising a BNP article about gay marriage and an EDL Facebook post.
February 6, 2015, 11:15am

Donald Grewar

Every time we see, hear or read about Nigel Farage these days, he seems to be apologising for someone else. UKIP now dismiss their members with such regularity that, in the run-up to this year's general election, we decided to keep tabs on just who is being dumped this week for calling a guy a "fucking carpetbagger arsehole" or insisting that gays love sex with children and animals.

Who's Disgraced Themselves Now: Donald Grewar.


UKIP Rank: Would-be MP in the East of Newport, a potential swing seat in the South Wales city.

What He Did That Was So Wrong That Even UKIP Turned Their Back On Him: He praised a rabid brain fart of an article on the BNP website about how gay marriage is bad. He said we needed to "stand our ground" against the "fascist perverts" who threaten the "social fabric of our society".

It turned out Grewer had also backed an EDL post, which promised "no surrender" to the twin evils of "militant Islam and political correctness".

"Thus sais it all," he mashed into his keyboard. "The mood of the nation… well done EDL".

What Happened Next: He was essentially shopped by his own party after UKIP's Newport chairman decided to air their dirty laundry in public. Writing on Facebook he said, "Do you consider someone who praises both the English Defence League and posts on the British National Party's own website to be a suitable candidate? I think people who even flirt with racist parties should be banished."

What He Said: Grewer resigned, although he did play the classic "I-can't-remember doing-it" card.

In his letter of resignation he said: "I have come to the conclusion that, following the revelation of some comments that I posted on the Internet a while ago that I have to reconsider my position as the PPC (prospective parliamentary candidate) for Newport East.

"I recognise fully that those comments, and the implications of those comments, puts me in breach of the party rules.


"I had forgotten that I had posted them, but I had.

"I am truly sorry that my foolishness has caused you, the party and me embarrassment."

What UKIP Said: A spokesman said, "UKIP takes all complaints and concerns seriously and fully investigates all issues brought to our attention.

"Party members living in Newport recently raised some concerns with the party through our internal proedures and the party acted swiftly in order an investigation into these matters.

"When the full facts become known we will release a full statement on our website."

As for UKIP Newport, they're looking for a new parliamentary candidate. If you confine your internet use to FarmVille and LAD Bible then do get in touch.



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