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'All This Mayhem,' Our New Skateboarding Doc, Is Out Now in Theaters and On Demand

It's the story of two legendary skaters and brothers, Tas and Ben Pappas, as they rise to the pinnacle of the sport, feud with Tony Hawk, party hard, and ultimately crash and burn. The movie's out now in select theaters and on iTunes.

Skateboarding has a long and sordid history ever since Marty McFly ripped the handlebars off a kid's scooter in 1959 and invented the sport. Skateboarding is an insane thing to do because it involves speeding wrecklessly around cities on a flat wooden board, with all your brittle body parts exposed and ready to be shattered. Basically, anyone who skates is a luntatic. Thankfully, lunatics do things like spit blood on their bathroom walls and 50-50 grind off the Grand Canyon, so they make for interesting film subjects.


Today, VICE Films is bringing you All This Mayhem, the story of two legendary skaters and wild men, brothers Tas and Ben Pappas, from the pinnacle of the sport to their ultimate undoing. Crammed with archival footage taken through the brothers' lives and paired with interviews with other skateboarding stars, All This Mayhem follows the brothers' meteoric rise to number one and two in the world through their feuds with Tony Hawk, urestrained drug use, and eventual fall from stardom. It's a tragic story of Shakespearean proportions.

FilmBuff (in parternship with VICE) is releasing the film theatrically and across whatever On Demand platform tickles your fancy—Apple iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, XBox Video, you name it.

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Hop over to the official website for more information, download links, and select theaters where the film is playing. Don't miss it.