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The Anti–Gay Marriage County Clerk in Kentucky Is Going to Jail

Kim Davis's religiously-motivated refusal to let same-sex couples get marriage licenses led to a judge jailing her.

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UPDATE: Five deputy clerks in the same Kentucky county have agreed to issue licenses to gay couples, with the lone holdout reportedly Kim Davis's son.

On Thursday, a federal judge finally put an end to Kim Davis's mission from God. Davis—whose crusade to prevent gay couples in Kentucky's Rowan County from receiving marriage licenses after the legalization of same-sex marriage—is now headed behind bars.

The American Civil Liberties union filed two motions on Tuesday to hold Davis in contempt of court. Although they requested that the clerk only receive steep fines, US District Judge David Bunning ruled differently, sentencing her to jail, the Associated Press reported.

"You can't be separated from something that's in your heart and in your soul," said Davis, who reportedly stood before Judge Bunning for 20 minutes before a US Marshal removed her from the room without using handcuffs.

Around 11:20 AM, a plane flew by the courtroom bearing a banner with the words "Stand Firm Kim"—a message mirrored many of the ones on signs carried by protestors on the ground.

Altogether, more than 100 people gathered outside of the courthouse, a mix of those backing the rogue clerk and supporters of marriage equality.