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House Speaker Paul Ryan Has Some Funky Jams for This Weekend's Blizzard

The Republican Speaker of the House is livestreaming the storm from his balcony in DC, complete with a really killer soundtrack.

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UPDATE 1/25/16: Looks like the mystery of Paul Ryan's snow jam has been solved. The track is called "Golden Skies" by Liam Aidan. Ryan bought the track for $39.95 from Premium Beat, a royalty-free music and sound effects site—which means you can also use the song in all future snow-related party videos, if you so desire.

Winter Storm Jonas is just starting to dump his cold snowy flakes all over the East Coast, and the nearly 50 million people in its path are bracing for full impact. Grocery store shelves have been emptied, states of emergency have been declared, coastal flood warnings have been issued, and hashtags have been employed.


But to keep spirits high in face of all the freezing weather, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has set up a livestream from his balcony in DC, the city expected to take the biggest pounding from Jonas. Even better, he scored the whole thing with a funky, endlessly looping groove—real house music, if you catch our meaning. (Sorry.)

"Here's something from Washington, DC, that won't make you want to throw your phone across the room," the Speaker's website says. "No speeches. No politicians. No media pundits. It's just a pure, uninterrupted live stream of the snow falling on the National Mall, as seen from the Speaker's office in the US Capitol."

We tried to Shazam the track, which some have described as sounding like "my lonely nights on garage band circa sophomore year of college," but the app came up empty.

Is the song a deep cut from Paul Ryan's secret FruityLoops experiments? Does it belong to some GOP intern's band? The world may never know. What we do know is that the livestream will be up all weekend, so there's plenty of time for you to blast it at your Jonas snow party.

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