Sticky Fingers Have Announced an "Indefinite Hiatus"

And cite internal, unresolvable issues in the band as the basis of the decision.
December 5, 2016, 6:27am

Sydney psych-reggae outfit Sticky Fingers have taken to Facebook to announce their indefinite hiatus, citing "internal issues in the band" as the reason. The band say they'll be finishing up their planned shows over the New Years, but that their issues have "heightened to the point where it's not fair to anyone involved for us not to do anything."

The announcement comes as no surprise, considering the band have spoken publicly about their struggle to get along harmoniously before.

But they've also been wrapped up in a lot of controversy over the years. They've been criticised for their treatment of venues when they trashed the Union Club Hotel, broke expensive sound equipment, urinated off the venue's balcony, and abused security staff, while frontman Dylan Frost has also had a brush with the law following high-range drink driving charges last year. More recently, Frost was accused of heckling Aboriginal band Dispossessed, shouting racial abuse at the members back in July.

Read the band's full post below.