This story is over 5 years old.

GETOVERHER’s Video for "Hoop Nose Ring" Is a Loveletter to the Female Future

This Queens-born artist encourages us to embrace our jiggle and get down.

Ahead of his debut LP BLACKWATCHSAD, GETOVERHER, a.k.a. Jason Scott Henderson, teamed up with fellow native New Yorkers and directorial partners Jenna Josepher and Ege Soyuer to produce the video for the esteemed toe-tapper "Hoop Nose Ring." An ode to the beautiful and diverse women of New York City (and thus the world), the song combines wavy, spacey rock riffs, canned beats—produced by MNTN—and rallying backing vocals offset by GETOVERHER's R&B croon. It's a true collage of styles celebrating femininity with a certain cheeky sex appeal. The video,premiering below, is a mostly female production, with cast and and crew pulling double duty in front of and behind the camera, all accomplished in little more than their underpants in order to encourage a safe space for free, multi-faceted expression.


GETOVERHER, meanwhile, is an up and coming multihyphenate, splitting his time between rapping, singing, DJing, and acting—most recently in Tony Oursler's Imponderable(currently playing at the MoMA in Manhattan). Check out the video below and get jiggling.