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Watch Joey Purp's "Girls @" Video, Featuring Chance the Rapper and Many Friends

So much SaveMoney! So much insouciant charm!

Joey Purp's "Girls @" was my sleeper pick for song of the summer, a bouncy song that channeled not only the minimalist funk of Pharrell but also the older rapper's insouciant charm. Yeah, insouciant charm, motherfuckers. Knox Fortune's beat claps whimsically, Joey Purp raps cheerily, and Chance the Rapper comes through to drop what may very well be the best bar about Ta-Nehisi Coates ever written. It's truly the perfect formula.


​For the video, all these dudes and more make appearances, as Knox whips a classic Caddy, Chance rides in on the hood, and Joey cavorts with some girls. Yeah, cavorts, motherfuckers. Keep your eyes peeled and you might just catch a few other familiar faces, including fellow SaveMoney member Towkio, who, like Joey Purp, is one of our Noisey Next artists. So much talent in one place! Can you even believe it? Get loose and watch the video below:

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