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Mike Skinner Directed Formation’s New Music Video and It’s Stylish as Hell

“Powerful People” features a UK bike gang and is filmed in that gorgeous late summer light when everything looks pastel.
Daisy Jones
London, GB

You'll know Mike Skinner best for taking the sound of everyday Britain and bottling it into five iconic albums as The Streets. But now, Skinner is getting behind the lens, and we're premiering his directorial debut in the shape Formation's beautiful and stylish new music video for their new track "Powerful People".

Not to be confused with Beyonce's track of the same name, Formation are a band straight out of South London, and their sound is best described as soulful, energetic and kind of old school. The video itself stars the UK Bike Life Collective, who whizz and wheelie around the band while they sing. It's also shot during that gorgeous late British summer light, right before the sun goes down, when the air is clear and everything looks pastel-coloured.

"Working with Formation was like working with two old souls of culture but in the bodies of people who are all young and sexy," Skinner told us, speaking about the creation of the video. "You can tell they are up to something that's going to draw people towards their party." Watch the whole thing below:

Formation's new album Look at the Powerful People will be out March 3rd. You can also buy tickets to their European tour here​.