This story is over 5 years old.


Get Ready for the Biggest Lovebox Yet

LCD Soundsystem, Jackmaster, Villalobos and a tonne of other great artists are ready to hit up Victoria Park later this year.

Ok, ok, we know it's February and you're still having to sleep in a woolly hat and you're inhaling soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and you probably can't even begin to conceive of summer just yet, but honestly, it's inching ever closer. Summer means one thing. No, not sunburn or ill advised sexual encounters in festival portaloos, or melted ice creams and broken dreams, or nipping into a beer garden for a quiet, refreshing pint only to find yourself surrounded by a nest of Pimms glugging twats talking about tennis. No, all of that pales in comparison to the real reason we love summer: Lovebox!


After last year's event, which featured the likes of MK and Hercules and Love Affair killing it on the THUMP stage, we're back for another bit of the cherry. Though we can't tell you exactly who'll be playing on our stage, or on Noisey's, we can tell you that Lovebox 2016 is set to feature the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Ricardo Villalobos, Diplo, Luciano, Terry Francis, and a massive B2B2B featuring Royal T, DJ Q, and Flava D. Which sounds like a nice few days in the park, doesn't it?

We'll be telling you more about our specific plans closer to the time, but for now, keep an eye on the Lovebox website for more details. Oh, and THUMP too. Obviously.