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A House Remix of the "Will Grigg's On Fire" Chant is Storming the UK Charts

The house mix of the iconic chart is fast approaching Calvin Harris in the charts.
A photo of Will Grigg (via Twitter)

Firstly, a bit of context for anyone who's not totally in the loop. Towards the end of the recently finished football season a Youtube user called 'kenno' (real name Sean Kennedy) uploaded a video of himself singing a self-penned chant about Wigan Athletic striker Will Grigg. The concept was simple: what kenno had done was sing the words "Will Grigg's on fire, your defence is terrified," to the tune of GALA's 1997 screamer, "Freed From Desire."


Kenno's ditty spread like wildfire, and pubs up and down the country shook with the raucous, righteous howls of pissed up dads and lads having a good old fashioned chant. But that wasn't the end of kenno's miracle. Oh no. Then this happened.

The very real situation we are now faced with is this: the "Will Grigg's On Fire" chant, as originally conceived by Sean 'Kenno' Kennedy is now number 11 in the UK charts and number 4 in the dance charts thanks to a crafty rework by Craig David collaborators Blonde. It's beating Mike Posner's "I Took a Pill in Ibiza" and is catching up with Calvin Harris. And if that wasn't a heartwarming story enough already, all the money made from sales of the single is going to charity. And not just any charity, the funds are being raised in support of Joseph's Goal, a foundation set up in honour of young Wigan fan Joseph Kendrick who suffers from NKH (Non-Ketotic Hyperglycinemia).

We hit up Jacob Manson from Blonde who seems as surprised as we are. "We scrambled it together with Zak Abel for a laugh but once we realised that it could make money for such a good cause we were keen to help the charity to get it out there!" And if you think he's surprised, spare a thought for Sean 'Kenno' Kennedy, who's gone from uploading chants to Youtube to becoming a chart-topping dance act in the space of a few weeks. We asked him how it felt to become such an important figure in house music so quickly, and he simply told us: "It's absolutely unbelievable mate. Never in my wildest dreams I ever thought this would happen."

What a time. What a world. Will Grigg's is on fire, and DJ Kenno is at the top of the charts.

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