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Download: Kulkid - "Have I Ever Told U"

The French producer's new single is beachy and glacial at the same time.

French producer Kulkid (Thomas Ouf), has built a brand on reworking difficult songs and molding them into ass-moving melodies. Sweetening indigestible pop with his own flavor of house music, the 23-year-old has built a strong following on Soundcloud. But as a producer, Kulkid's true challenge came when his original work had to hold its own. Last month saw the release of Kulkid's first original track, "U Were The One," and it drank all his remixes under the table. Now, he continues to intoxicate with his second dancefloor filler, "Have I Ever Told U." The sophomore track opens teasingly with crashing waves tinged with a tin-pan drum, but swiftly drops the beach bum act for warped vocals and a rising, glacial synth line. A lifelong resident of the French Alps, Kulkid builds his own Matterhorn with breakbeats and synth stabs until an avalanche seems immiment. About halfway through, it finally happens. The track peaks and snowballs until there isn't anyone left on the slopes (or disco) with cold feet.


We recently caught up with Kulkid about the dangers of driving in the Phillipines, his unabashed love for Britney Spears, and what makes Lyon better than Paris.

THUMP: How did you get into the remix/production biz?
Kulkid: I've been part of the bass scene for the last two years, but I started producing electronic music in 2010. I was on winter holiday in my flat in Les Arcs, a ski resort in the French Alps. I had forgotten my guitar, so I just played with Ableton on my dad's laptop. I immediately fell in love with electronic production.

What would be your ideal 90s song to remix?
I've already remixed it. [Laughs] It's Britney Spears' "…Baby One More Time" and it's going to be out there pretty soon.

So, uh, what's cool for Kulkid?
Space Jam, propeller caps and deep fried bacon-wrapped Snickers!

Who are your influences?
I have a lot of influences. I'm in love with MONO, a Japanese post-rock band. And I truly love 70s and 80s experimental music. I like it all, whether it's Wendy Carlos or Pink Floyd or Jean-Michel Jarre. It doesn't matter.

What's the scene in France like post-Ed Banger?
The music scene has exploded after Ed Banger. Everyone has been producing and DJing. Today, there are 1000% more producers than four years ago. It has its benefits and disadvantages. On one hand, there are so many people that it's getting really hard to get recognized. On the other hand, this highlights the best that France has to offer.

What does your hometown of Lyon have on Paris?
Lyon is like a little Paris to me. It's like a Tokyo versus Kyoto comparison. But there is one big difference between Lyon and Paris—the gastronomy. In Lyon, there is a lot of tiny restaurants which are really cheap but really good called "bouchons" and they are all awesome.

How was playing in the Phillipines?
They are the worst drivers I've ever seen. I almost died three or four times on my way from Manila to La Union. Our driver was dodging cars all the time. Allan, my manager, recorded a video of it which I'll post it on my fanpage just so you see how effin crazy they are. Oh, I also went to a driving range to shoot some balls, and there was a person who would put the ball in front of you. After you hit the ball, they'd replace it. EVERYTIME! I didn't feel very comfortable with that, I was saying "Thank you" after every ball.

What's next for Kulkid?
I've recently finished a lot of new remixes and originals. 2014 will be a solid year! I've also been working with fellow French producers Androma and Dimmi on some stuff… I'll keep all of you posted.