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Our Mysteryland USA Stage with Verboten Will Bring the Weirdness and the Deepness

Lee, Damian, Martinez Bros.—oh my!

Christmas was almost six months ago, but on Planet THUMP, the gift of dance keeps on giving, for eternity! Not only are we offering you (and a buddy) a chance to go to Mysteryland USA for free, but we're now proud to announce we'll be co-hosting an entire stage at the Bethel Woods weekend getaway along with our Brooklynite comrades in untz over at Verboten.

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Saturday will bring you Burning Man legends and trip-house extraordinaires Lee Burridge and Damian Lazarus, along with AndHim, Eric Volta, Bedouin and Stadenco. If you fancy yourself a Verboten regular, this roster should seem fitting, as these artists all are fixtures at the Williamsburg temple of beats.

Sunday, which will be hosted by the party maestros over at Flying Circus, opens up the grounds for The Martinez Brothers, Audiofly, Martin Buttrich, Guti (Live), Jozif and a few more skilled selectors.

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It's safe to say our stage at Mysteryland USA's long-awaited 2015 edition is going to make the entire grounds of the festival shake with a potent (and hypnotizing) blend of house and techno. Make sure you have some solid footing, and get ready to move.