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Watch a Crash Course on How Calvin Harris Made "Slide" from Calvin Himself

Harris shows how the song was made, from piano keys to Frank Ocean's vocals.
Still from Calvin Harris' video for "Summer"

Calvin Harris gave a crash course to building a song on his Instagram in a series of videos breaking down the elements that made his new hit single, "Slide."

The series of Instagram story videos begins with Harris playing the infectious melody on his piano and crafting his signature guitar reverb.

From there, Harris adds and layers other elements of the track, from Frank Ocean's soulful vocals to Prophet 5 synths to synth drums, snares and other percussive elements. All of this is done on what looks to be a Mac laptop.

The result is more than four minutes of song creation that should interest both music nerds and novices alike.

YouTube user Habeel J captured all of Harris' clips and spliced them together into one video. Watch the making of "Slide" below. Earlier this month, we asked if a Beyonce and Calvin Harris collaboration was in the works.