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Say Hello to the RBMA Bass Camp Montreal Participants of 2015

Now in its second year, the annual four-day event draws on musicians from all walks of life.
February 18, 2015, 12:12am

Little brother to Red Bull Music Academy's annual global gathering, RBMA Bass Camp Montreal is a four-day music event in Quebec's cultural capital. Its purpose is clear: to shine a light on raw Canadian talent and make sure that musicians of all walks of life are represented. Now in its second year, RBMA Bass Camp Montreal's headliners include Ango, Jacques Greene, Prison Garde, DJ Quick, Kevin Saunderson, and Toronto three-piece, BADBADNOTGOOD. The event's breakthrough participants are similarly diverse; let's take a few minutes to get acquainted with them all.

Allie - Toronto, ON

The crown jewel of LA beat label HW&W, Allie is a soul vocalist of worldwide renown. Her voice has been sought out by the likes of Sweater Beats, Soulection, and The Fader, to name a few. She tirelessly collaborates with fellow Toronto locals and has a jaw-dropping vocal range.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook/Allie

AstroLogical - Vancouver, BC

One half of Bastard Jazz regulars Potatohead People, AstroLogical's sound breathes an undeniable air of the West Coast into classic instrumentals.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook/AstroLogical

Beach Season - Calgary, AB

Self-described as "booty wave", Calgary duo Beach Season are the California of the Grand Prairies. Their music is deep and introspective, leaving you longing for that special someone.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook/Beach Season

Beta Frontiers - Toronto, ON

A regular face on Toronto label Buzz Records, Beta Frontiers tools of choice are catchy arpeggios, flush synths, and subtle nu wave touches. Think early Cut Copy minus the pop.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook/Beta Frontiers

Da-P - Montreal, QC

A staple in Montreal's burgeoning hip-hop scene, Da-P draws on numerous cultural influences and produces predominantly instrumental music with the likes of Soulection, High Klassified, and Lil Simz. His most recent EP, Havok Highway, was a slap in the face to wannabe trap producers and their sideways-tilted Volcom snapbacks.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook/Da-P

Eytan Tobin - Toronto, ON

A familiar name to anyone who caught our profile on local collective Bedroomer, Eytan Tobin is a multi-genre producer with an ear for the eclectic. Reverb is his friend.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook/Eytan Tobin

Danny Voicu of FanBoy - Toronto, ON

Techno-aligned duo FanBoy have found a new home in Toronto alongside Rare Beef Records. Well, one half of them have. The other half lives in Madrid, okay? Enough questions. Torontonian Danny Voicu will be representating FanBoy in the RBMA Bass Camp slot.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook/FanBoy

Iron Galaxy - Montreal, QC

Often appearing alongside friends Sexlife and Francis Oak, Iron Galaxy is a techno and house producer with his stamp on Turbo Recordings. He has performed at Boiler Room and Igloofest, and is a deep favourite of ours.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook/Iron Galaxy

James Deen - Vancouver, BC

James Deen used to live in a super small Canadian town. Think 'worst case Ontario' and then add board shorts and wakeboards. Luckily, he has recently moved to Vancouver and makes difficult-to-define music that takes heavy inspiration from 4Chan.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook/Zhamak Fullad

Kevin McPhee - Toronto, ON

Kevin McPhee is a man who doesn't care if you haven't heard of him. He has no SoundCloud, will never ask you to vote for him on the DJ Mag Top 100, and makes glorious techno.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook/Kevin McPhee

Nick Wisdom - Montreal, QC

Dubbed "the Prince of the Plateau" by exactly nobody until right now, Nick Wisdom is an earthbound beatmaker with J. Dilla's little brother on speed dial. A frequent collaborator with musicians in the R&B world, his music is soulful, sultry, and infinitely replayable.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook/Nick Wisdom

Pomo - Montreal, QC

After getting his start playing in various bands throughout high school, Pomo has since gone on to make some of the most inviting, funky music available today. After touring with Kaytranada, releasing music on HW&W, and publishing endless unexpected remixes, he has finally cleared enough time in his schedule to spend four days in one city for RBMA Bass Camp.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook/Nick Cooper

River Tiber - Toronto, ON

Multi-instrumentalist composer River Tiber has been described (by us, 11 months ago) as a complex venture between Bon Iver, BADBADNOTGOOD, and a satirical Twitter. He leans towards the indie spectrum of "indie electronica" and is one of Toronto's top prospects.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook/McCallaman

Sergio Levels - Calgary, AB

We can't quite pin down whether it's Sergio Levels' crisply-produced techno or his crisply-groomed beard that so wins our affection, but we can say with full certainty that both are well deserving.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook/Sergio Levels

Seychelle - Montreal, QC

Equal parts phenomenal DJ and Jessy Lanza-lookalike, Seychelle makes no compromises in composing mixes that are greater than the sum of their parts.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook/Kane Ocean

Sunclef - Toronto, ON

A beatmaker of rare caliber, Sunclef draws on numerous influences to produce music that is exciting and full of life.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook/Sunclef

Luke Pretty of Tennyson - Edmonton, AB

Tennyson have become the poster-child for Ryan Hemsworth-fronted imprint Secret Songs, and when you take time to go through their catalog it's easy to understand why. Playful adolescence meets composed maturity in songs that are fresh, youthful, and full of life.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook/Tennyson

Charlotte Day Wilson of The Wayo - Halifax, NS

Maritime four-piece The Wayo are new age soul for the world-weary. Images of dimly-lit jazz clubs will immediately come to mind when listening though their most recent EP, Wanderings. Charlotte is one of three females selected for this year's RBMA Bass Camp.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook/Mika Chiu

2nd Son - Toronto, ON

Another Allie contributor, 2nd Son abandons quantised loops for more experimental construction. His music is full of purpose and true to itself.

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Photo courtesy of Facebook/2nd Son

Tickets to each night are on sale now and available here.

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