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Watch Floating Points' 11-Piece Band Perform a Stunning Live Rendition Of "Silhouettes (I, II & III)"

Shot live in NYC for THUMP Sessions, the artist brings out ten collaborators and light drawings courtesy of Hamill Industries.
December 1, 2015, 6:45pm

It took Floating Points quite a while to release his debut album—he's been releasing singles since 2009—but now that we've heard the terrific LP that is Elaenia, out last month, we can definitively appreciate that he didn't want to rush things. The orchestral tone of the record marks a big shift in Sam Shepherd's career, one that we just got the scoop on with his 10 lessons on ditching the DJ booth for the composer's chair.


Since we're so excited about the record, we thought it would only be right to bring Shepherd to the YouTube Space NY, where he performed album-cut "Silhouettes (I, II, & III)" live with ten friends, accompanied with light drawings by Pablo Barquin and Anna Diaz of Hamill Industries. Check it out above, and get your copy of Elaenia here.


Sam Shepherd - Rhodes & Buchla
Dave Okumu - Guitar
Leo Taylor - Drums
Alex Reeve - Bass
Phillip Granell - Violin
Paloma Dieke - Violin
Anisa Arslanagic - Viola
Magda Pietraszewska - Cello
Renate Sokolovska - Flute
Tom White - Trombone
Shabaka Hutchings - Tenor Sax & Clarinet

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