Watch London Modular's Brand New Synth-Heavy Documentary Right Now

The analogue obsessives caught up with Carl Craig, Surgeon and Steve Davis at this year's Bloc festival.
May 4, 2016, 1:28pm

As we venture further and further into a future that seems almost entirely digital, there are few select luddites out there hell bent on keeping things as analogue as they can. These guys aren't smashing up threshing machines though: they're armed with massive old fashioned synthesizers. Say hello to London Modular Alliance. Simon Lynch, Gavin Pykerman, Phil Ventre's mission statement is a pretty clear one: "No laptops, no button pushing, everything is created on the fly using modular synthesisers—live improvisation!"


So it's not surprising that when the London Modular crew zipped down to Minehead, England earlier this year for the Bloc Weekender they spent most of their time talking about patches and wires and knobs. They weren't howling into the sea though, on no. Instead they were getting hands on with the likes of Blawan, Surgeon, Carl Craig and, yep, Steve Davis. You can watch the results exclusively here on THUMP.

If it has left you salivating for more Moog action then why not pre-order the LMA's new EP Wireless right here.