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New Study Suggests That Streaming Services Slightly Encourage Record Sales

The numbers are far from unequivocally strong but they're there nonetheless.

A new survey has been produced on behalf of the UK labels body BPI and the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) studying the habits of multi-channel listeners (i.e. multi-medium, for instance CD and digital downloads), Billboard reports.

Significantly, the research company AudienceNet-produced survey found that 2/3 of "the broadly representative sample of the UK adult population" consider themselves multi-channel listeners. 37 percent of streaming subscription holders think that using the service had increased their spending on downloads. When it comes to the relation between streaming subscriptions and physical format purchases, 13 percent said that they lead to higher number of CD purchases, and 19 percent said that they lead to higher numbers of vinyl purchases.

69 percent of the survey respondents either agreed or strongly agreed with the statement: "I stream to discover music and see what's popular, but when I come across something I love, I like to buy it."About two thirds (64%) of the total sample are open to the idea of buying more CDs, and 43 percent are open to buying more vinyl.

See the survey in full here.