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A-Trak Remains the Ace of Scratch and Spin

We spoke to the Canadian turntablist legend about his devotion to the unification of hip-hop and electronic music.

Where else can you experience hip-hop, turntable scratching, electro and disco house all in one sitting? Anywhere with a roster that lists A-Trak. The Montreal native has been taking over parking lots and public parks around North America with his summer Fool's Gold: Day Off Tour. The tour includes artists from his powerhouse label of the same name and has certainly kept him busy, to say the least.


At a recent performance in Hermosillo, Mexico, A-Trak spoke with THUMP about balancing the demands of both record label owner and producer, staying devoted to the unification of hip-hop and electronic music, and keeping up with new music. (Because we all know how seriously hard that can be, right?)

Check out our one-on-one with the Canadian music legend and be sure to gander at his SoundCloud for all of his latest juicy releases.