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Drake’s Twitter Was Allegedly Hacked

Who is 'Aiden'?
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UPDATE: In an interview with Gizmodo, "Aiden," who allegedly hacked Drake's Twitter account, stated that the login credentials came from the recent MySpace breach, which saw millions of user passwords being spread around the web. An earlier version of this article speculated that this login credentials may have come from the LinkedIn breach, but MySpace makes way more sense for Drake, for reasons that we don't feel we need to expand upon.


Drake's Twitter timeline is a robotic stream of self-promotion, but today, something actually interesting happened: Apparently, the rapper's Twitter account was hacked, presumably by someone named Aiden.

Details are still murky, but around noon on Tuesday, fans on Twitter began posting screenshots from Drake's account showing tweets that read, rather uncharacteristically for the Champagne Papi: "follow @2aiden3 for a follow" and "add follow." The tweets do not appear on Drake's timeline at the time of writing, and have presumably been deleted.

Drake got hacked?

At the time of writing, the @2aiden3 account has been suspended on Twitter, but Motherboard reached out to "Aiden" over Snapchat. We will update this article if we hear back from him or her.

The reaction to the hack on Twitter was swift and very confusing. On the one hand, some fans praised the hacker's actions, tweeting "hacking goals" and "For hacking Drizzy he deserves a follow @2aiden23." Others responded less amiably, with threats of castration for the hacker.

It's unclear why Drake's Twitter account was apparently targeted for hacking. The most likely answer is that the hacker wanted nothing more than recognition, since Drake is, like, super famous and everything. Some commenters chose to put their tinfoil hats on, however, speculating that the hack could be retribution from Drake's rival, Meek Mill.

It's also possible that the whole thing's a stunt, since Drake's account looks squeaky clean at the time of writing. A spokesperson for October's Very Own, Drake's record label, did not respond to Motherboard's request for comment within our publishing timeframe.

As for how "Aiden" managed to take over Drake's account, however briefly, details remain scarce. However, in an interview with Gizmodo, the alleged hacker stated that the login credentials came from a data dump associated with the recent MySpace hack, which saw millions of user passwords spread around the web. It's worth noting that Mark Zuckerberg, who is at least as famous as Drake, had his Twitter and Pinterest hacked after his login credentials were leaked in the recent massive LinkedIn password leak.

Zuckerberg's password was reportedly "dadada," which makes us wonder what Drake's password is. My money's on "sixsixsix."