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Pop Star, High Priestess Lorde Bodies 2017 in Five Seconds with Teaser for New Single

We say this a lot but this time we mean it, we're not worthy.

The only comeback that matters this year is Lorde's. Having spent some time out of the spotlight as everyone in pop took her sound and did it poorly, the greatest New Zealand musician since Flight of the Conchords is gearing up for what seems to be a new album, announcing festival appearances and a new single coming out in two weeks' time. Footage has appeared of an ad that ran on New Zealand TV networks for what may be that single.


The brief spot consists merely of Lorde and a driver hurtling down a tunnel, presumably to arrive at some kind of summoning ground where Lorde, the Illidan Stormrage of pop, will cast whatever the musical equivalent of a demonic summoning ritual is and fuck up the game for everyone else. Both also sip on soda with the extremely casual nature of those who know that they're the shit. There's a quick snippet of music, too, which may or not be the single. What we know for sure is that none of us are ready. Watch the ad below.

Phil is not prepared and on Twitter.