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Deathface Wants YOU To Stop Eating Carbs

The 10 Commandments of #Healthgoth and other fitness tips from Chicago’s dark prince of digital hardcore.

Deathface falls right after Atari Teenage Riot but way before Phuture Doom in the dictionary of dark and in-your-face electronic music. After releases on OWSLA and Trouble & Bass, the internet's favorite black heart returned to the charts this Tuesday, July 8, with a new mini-album (maxi-EP?) called Cry For Black Dawn on Lil' Death, the record label corresponding to L.A.'s favorite neo-goth party of the same name.


Black Dawn's seven tracks find Deathy moving away from digital-hardcore-influenced dubstep flavors and diving further into EBM/industrial sounds, shoegazing trap, and heroin trance—all perfect for sweeping away cobwebs on the dancefloor or putting your hands in the air like the Christ child. Deathface (aka Johnny Love nee Dalsanto) admits he has been listening to bands like 3teeth, Youth Code, Bestial Mouths and the Dais Records stable while he grooms his super-creepy fu manchu mustache and takes selfies of his abs—the influence of this scene shows in this release's hazy post-Nine Inch Nails scapes. "We're at the other end of the cycle of trends," says Johnny. "Now that 'colorful' seapunk is finally done (though the suburban late-bandwagon jumpers are still posting Instagram pics of their 'COOL NEW GREEN HAIR'), we can go back where I like it, in the dark."

Ahh Deathface. Never one to leave a diss unturned… or a bicep uncurled. Yes, after eight years of touring the country eating greasy fast-food—and even running a service that delivered Burger King and McDonald's to hungry Chicagoans' doorsteps—Deathface has become obsessed with working out to the point of starting a new movement: #healthgoth. "I gotta credit this to Gibby Miller, who ran [legendary emo hipster message board/dating site] Makeout Club and now runs Dais. He got super diesel and I asked him how I should get fit. He told me to quit eating carbs unless I wanted people to call me Fatface instead of Deathface."


Deathface followed this advice and now he is clad in Tencel fabrics, pumping iron to vintage DJ Rush hard techno mixes, and wearing Under Armor to the goth club—or, more specifically, to his club night Soft Leather, which he throws (alongside Zain from Tean Witch Fan Club and Starfoxx) at Chicago club Eastroom. (Making him not unlike Midwestern-breakcore-legend-turned-Crossfit-fanatic Dan Doormouse.) We caught up with Johnny 2 Dark right before he was about to tuck into a "double scoop post-workout protein shake" and right after he invented a new post-workout burrito ("tilapia cooked in coconut oil and Cajun seasoning with Mexican squash, bell peppers, spinach, avocado and spicy mango coconut salsa in a sundried tomato wrap") and asked him to give us the 10 commandments of his new fitness cult.

1. Learn to deadlift properly. There is no lift more goth than the deadlift. I propose changing the name of this to "Bela Lugosi's Deadlift" or "deathlift" (hat coming soon, you heard it here first)

2. North Face is not healthgoth. North Face is for yuppies, and while we're on the subject of yuppies…

3. Running is not healthgoth either. Neither is yoga, that's also for yuppies.

4. Stop eating carbs. Carbs are not healthgoth. How are you gonna look good in your compression shirt when you have a gut? You're not, so stop eating carbs.

5. Don't check yourself out in the mirror at the gym. Healthgoths wait 'til they get home to flex so they can see how big their lats have gotten.


6. Use the full range of motion on every lift. If you're doing bicep curls and you're letting the weight drop back down after you lift, then you're skipping on half the exercise—namely, the negative, and healthgoth is all about being negative.

7. A healthgoth's favorite season is cutting season, no argument.

8. Don't skip leg day.

9. Pre-workout is better than cocaine, because instead of talking about bullshit for an hour, you get a sick pump, and everyone loves vascularity.

10. Healthgoth is a completely made-up subculture, but it means that I don't have to change out of my gym clothes to go out, so I'm all for it.

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