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Redspencer's Video for "Ride It Out" Is a Nostalgic Salve for Any Modern Malaise

Life is rough. This is not.

Made up of two brothers and two pals, Melbourne-based band Redspencer plough a decidedly 60s-indebted furrow—all hazy harmonies and interlocking guitar lines—with just a pinch of early Blur at their most melancholic. Lifted from their debut album Perks (released via Deaf Ambitions late last year), "Ride It Out" will make you feel better about your indecision, your meandering, your youth, whatever. Chill out with all that pressure, Mr. Modern World. Listening to this is cheaper than a massage.


Below is the premiere of the video for "Ride It Out"—shot and directed by Claudia Rose Holmes
who then hand-processed all the Super 8 footage. Can it be summer again please? Watch below.