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The Creation Of The Universe Depicted On A London Hotel

Atmospheric mapping visuals by Blow Factory and Fink Depict will be projected on a London hotel this November.

Parisian film and motion design studio Fink is teaming up with projection mapping group Blow Factory to bring the story of the universe’s creation to life on the facade of a London hotel. Told through graphic design and animations designed by Fink, ME hotel will change its look daily with the help of images and animations. Once a day, an eight-minute mapping show will transform the building to take passersby on a journey to the beginning of time.


The projection mapping performances are set to begin this November and will take place in three acts, described below:

Act 1 – Creation of the Universe

The story starts with a dot, the center of the universe where everything begins.This dot transforms into an sphere, dancing, morphing, growing, before it suddenly explodes. The viewer embarks on an animated depiction of the Big Bang, evolving between planetary nebulas and constellations in a sky full of stars. In a poetic movement of elements, we discover planets, spherical and organic shapes, and feel the power of creation through the collision of particles.

Act 2 – Organic Matter

As the evolution continues, the inanimate matter comes to life. The movements start to become more organic and the viewer dives into an underwater world full of turbulent motion. We witness a magical dance, a poetic ballet between shapes and colors.

Act 3 – The Universe of Creation

In this act, humans have arrived, and we transition away from natural, organic forms to the geometric structure of man-made objects. At this stage of the show, the mapping takes on increasingly more powerful gestures and rhythms. Geometric shapes dynamically weave together to reveal new worlds.The walls move as if they’re alive and immerse people in the middle of this mesmerizing visual show. Finally, everything folds in on itself and we are brought back to the beginning, back to the singular dot floating in space, heralding the cyclical nature of life and death.