Marshawn Lynch Is All Up In the Video with Ludacris


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Marshawn Lynch Is All Up In the Video with Ludacris

Ludacris and Marshawn Lynch are teaming up to revive Luda's rap career.

Ludacris isn't just that guy from the Fast and Furious franchise—he's a rapper, too! Weird, right? What better way to remind the world that you are relevant for more than just driving fast cars and roasting Justin Bieber than by teaming up with the most relevant person in pop culture and stealing all of his taglines to create a guaranteed-to-go-viral music video? Answer: nothing.

The Super Bowl and its media days took place two months ago, but being here to not get fined and being thankful is still a thing, and probably will still be when the full length "Beast Mode" video comes out—not just the preview. Why? Because everything Marshawn Lynch does turns into whatever lasts longer, shinier and brighter than gold. If there is anyone who can bring Ludacris's rap game back to life, it is Beast Mode himself. Although we do not know if the actual song is worthy of comeback status, this is a good and smart move by Luda because it is in relation to Marshawn Lynch, who is also good and smart and VICE Sports's favorite person. When the song is released,we will not listen, but feel Beast Mode in all its glory.