College Rowers Attacked by Flying Fish


This story is over 5 years old.


College Rowers Attacked by Flying Fish

A rowing team from Washington University was attacked by a school of flying fish during a morning practice.
April 13, 2015, 10:24pm

We've all been there; you're out with your Washington University (St. Louis) rowing teammates on an idyllic morning on Creve Coeur Lake getting that blood and those juices flowing for another day at school. You're rowing and working together, a finely tuned machine working toward a common goal. It's a life lesson, as well as nice bit of cardio. Your work over, you head to the docks and your land-bound friends and OH MY GOD THE LAKE IS VOMITING FISH BACK AT US.

Somehow your rowing team has come across a school of flying asian carp and they are hurling themselves out of the water and at you, your teammates, and your boats. Apparently it smells, and the fish aren't just nuisances, they are destructive. Some guy's seat gets destroyed and goes overboard. It's almost like the boat is a foreign object and the fish are the lake's white blood cells. Which is kind of magical to think of, but still, fish are gross and creepy.