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Soulwax's Latest Video is Three Minutes of Chrome-Plated Visual LSD

"Conditions of a Shared Belief" is an album track taken from 'From Deewee', their latest release.

A quick reminder: we absolutely love Soulwax here at THUMP. Whether they're playing every song ever as 2ManyDJs , rinsing the Grange Hill theme tune alongside James Murphy at a Despacio party, or turning a forgotten Robbie Williams single into an acid-ravaged banger , we cannot get enough of the absurdly talented Dewaele brothers—Belgium's best export since the first batch of Stella Artois made its way to Dover.


Last month saw them release the hypnotic, churning, From Deewee, a recorded-as-live LP that sees them fusing the motorik pulse of Krautrock at its spaciest, with the kind of electro bleeps and bloops reminiscent of a neon-soaked future that'll never arrive.

The pair will be playing tracks from it as part of M.I.A.'s instalment of the much-loved Meltdown festival in London later this year, and to get you as excited as you should be for that, we've decided to give you a genuine treat: scan your eyes a few paragraphs up, hit the big red play button and be one of the very first people in the world to feast their eyes on the sumptuous video for From Deewee cut "Conditions of a Shared Belief" right now. As a warning it is very, very trippy. Enjoy!