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Watch a Star Wars X-Wing Toy Travel into Near Space

Is this the best attempt to get 'The Force Awakens' VIP premiere tickets ever? Maybe.
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How far would you have gone for tickets to the VIP premiere of Star Wars VII? Probably not as far as these guys. Two Star Wars superfans from the UK raised the bar on fandom by sending their X-Wing toy into near space last April to ask J.J. Abrams for passes to the monumentous occasion. "@Bad_Robot #HeyJJ Can @MattKingsnorth and @TurboBungle come to the Force Awakens VIP Première?" reads the tweet that accompanied the craft as it rode a high-altitude balloon into the upper atmosphere. "Ordinarily the answer would be no…" the duo admit in the video behind their exploit, "So we thought we'd try something extraordinary."


And like Azuma Makoto's bonsai traveling into the stratosphere, it's blissful watching the tiny spaceship hover over the Earth—and then come tumbling down.

Via TechCrunch


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