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An Enormous Cube of Light Glows in China

Visual System celebrates the 10th anniversary of the French-Chinese Croisements Festival with a massive cube installation and audiovisual show.
Images courtesy the artists

A version of this post originally appeared on The Creators Project China. 

French visual arts and design community Visual System like special lighting equipment. Last year in Brussels, they turned a repurposed Worlds Fair pavillion into Out of Control, a multisensory installation worthy of a sci-fi blockbuster. Now, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the French-Chinese Croisements Festival, opening ceremony in Guangzhou, they've created VS Carre X, a massive, glowing, cube installation whose name can be understood as "Cube X" or "Cube to the 10th power."


VS Carre X has a side length of 3 meters, with a surface texture that scatters projected light, creating a very special spotlighting experience. In order to maximize the potential of this large outdoor device, Visual System partnered with sound designer Thomas Vaquié, who provided an original composition to their cube's illuminated visual show.

Visual System consists of light artists, musicians, architects, and designers—especially those who specialize in animated lighting design. Their works often see neatly arranged and orchestrated lights flowing with geometry, providing audiences with a visual blast of energy and electricity.

The VS Carre X show will begin the evening of April 28 and continue through July 10 in Guangzhou. Click here for more details, and here to learn more about the Visual System team.


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