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Watch an Electrifying Aurora Borealis Ignite the Alaskan Sky

The Northern lights are stunning in Alexis Coram lastest timelapse of the Alaskan wilderness.
Images courtesy the artist

A stunning timelapse captures the aurora borealis sparking like electricity over the Alaskan wilderness in Alexis Coram's new film, AWAKE. Coram, who previously shot the brilliant Technicolour Alaska, spent four nights in February filming the ethereal sparks of color twisting through the sky above the Mount Aurora Lodge in Fairbanks. "There is, without question, a piece of my heart tucked away in the wild wintery Alaskan tundra," she writes in AWAKE's Vimeo description. "This film represents how I see this very special part of the world."


Check out some of Coram's stills from the journey below.

Visit Alexis Coram's website for more stellar photography.

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