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Now You Can Wear Your Aura on Your Sleeve

The Unseen's scaly new wearable sculpture transforms electromagnetic biodata into colors.
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EIGHTH SENSE, a scaly and smart piece of couture, is the “cleverer cousin of the AIR,” THE UNSEEN's capsule collection that includes brainwave crystal headpieces and wind-reactive chameleon clothing. For their latest project, the fashion studio collaborates with tech gurus Holition to make ceramic wearables that visualize the biodata of “human electromagnetism” with morphing colors and patterns.

“An unseen force or ‘aura’ is outwardly emitted from every human as electromagnetic energy, these wavelengths through certain lenses can be seen as color,” THE UNSEEN explains on their site. Red, for example, displays a state of anger, blue means a calm mind, and white reveals peace and truth. Their research was first shared with an exorcism performance to “cleanse” the body and mind of any previous bad energy.


You can book an appointment to “see your own aura” at THE UNSEEN EMPORIUM in Somerset House during London Fashion Week, and to examine the details of these gorgeous wearable sculptures:

E I G H T H S E N S E from T H E U N S E E N on Vimeo.

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