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Best Of The Rest

Best Of The Rest: IRL Spiderman, Salvador Dali's Cookbook, And A Painting Of Every Human On Earth Piled Into The Grand Canyon

The week in creativity is alive!
May 2, 2014, 10:00pm

This week, The Creators Project won a few people's choice Webbys (thank you, readers!), looked into the future of feeling sound with our doc on SubPac, and offered an inside-look into the VFX that brought the latest Wes Anderson movie to life. For everything else we missed, here's the best of the rest!

This week we…

…Saw what it would look like if every human on Earth was piled into the Grand Canyon. [Motherboard]


…Learned about the real physics of Spiderman's web [Wired]

…And also saw videos of an IRL Spiderman. [Sploid]

…Watched a clever photographer take the moon on a date. [I Love Science]

…Took a bite out of these hyper-realistic candy paintings. [Juxtapoz]

…Imagined how surreal Salvador Dali's recipes would taste from his #rare cookbook. [BrainPickings]

…Heard about NASA's plan to 3D-scan on Mars and 3D-print on Earth. [3Ders]

…Decided we absolutely wouldn't munch on these felt burgers, even if they look tasty. [It's Nice That]

…Got lost in these color vortexes. [But Does It Float]

…Read NPR's charming first letter to the internet from 20 years ago. [FastCo]

…Smelt the roses in this hanging floral installation. [This Is Colossal]

…Got lost in time with these retro technology lego kits. [This Is Colossal]

What else did we miss this week! Share with us in the comments section and see you next week.