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This 'Mad Max' Supercut Gets You So Close You Can Smell the Exhaust

Get in the crosshairs of the original trilogy with Rishi Kaneria's 'Driving & Dying: Point-Of-View Shots In Mad Max.'
May 27, 2015, 5:30pm
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If you, like me, loved Mad Max: Fury Road, but wish it held onto the carnage of George Miller's original trilogy, allow the new supercut from Rishi Kaneria, who in the past explored "The Sounds of Star Wars" and the use of profile shots in Tarantino's films, to take you up close and back to the good ol' days where the cars were lower-tech but the blood spatter could be measured in buckets.

Driving & Dying: Point-Of-View Shots In Mad Max piles up the first and second person moments from Mad Max, Mad Max: The Road Warrior, and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome into a kind of "greatest hits" mixtape that would fit perfectly into the Earsplitter / Doof Wagon's cassette player. "One of the reasons George Miller's action scenes work so well and make so much sense is because they are grounded in the character’s point of view," explains Kaneria. "By doing this he literally puts you into the action using nonverbal visual, almost operatic, storytelling—something Hitchcock would call 'pure cinema.'"


Now, all we're waiting for is a supercut of tense, slow-mo stares from Fury Road (and the eventual Tom Hardy sequels).

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