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Animals with Forward-Facing Eyes Just Won Photoshop

Those aren't supposed to be there.
September 15, 2016, 5:05pm
Images via Imgur user Kiyoi

Weird nature shoops and the internet go together like Staind and teen angst—just look at these amazing critters with eyes on the fronts of their heads. courtesy of Imgur user Kiyoi. The trail blazed by Animals Without Necks and Birds With Arms can now be seen having perfect binocular vision. The reason it's so weird to see a deer, a chicken, and a goat with their soul-windows facing forward can be summed up by a simple concept we found on The Museum of Osteology's website: "Eyes in the front, the animal hunts. Eyes on the side, the animal hides." With the exception of the shark and dolphin, which use their side eyes to see around under water, Kiyoi's images transform cute vegetarians into fearsome beasties, which obviously turns out looking awkward and hilarious.


Kiyoi shared this series on Imgur yesterday, racking up over a million views so far, but one image from the series dates back to a Reddit post from 2015 by user welcometosuplexcity, who made it for the Deal Tomato blog. It's hard to say where the rest of these images actually come from, but it's easy to realize they're delightful, if evolutionarily disadvantageous.

Update: Actually it's not hard to say where these images come from—they originated in a 2015 Mashable article inspired by welcometosuplexcity's pigeon shoop. Peep the original work here.

See more from Kiyoi on Imgur.

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