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Viral YouTube Phenomenon Kutiman Debuts His Second Album "Thru You Too"

The six songs that comprise the sonic maverick's second album comprise an ode to collaged creativity.
October 1, 2014, 8:00pm

If it seems like The Creators Project hasbeen following Kutiman's career closely, here's why: after five-year-long hiatus, today,theYouTube musician-sampling maverick debuts his second album, Thru You Too.

The follow-up to 2009's critically-acclaimed ThruYOU, Kutiman’s innovative uses of YouTube videos as samples come center-stage in Thru You Too, seamless creations with emotional staying power. The videos Kutiman selects are often practice videos, self-produced in intimate bedrooms and makeshift studios. Most of the artists included are amateurs, so his original collage creations just feel natural—the results of hundreds of powerful and vulnerable real-life moments.


Thru You Too combines these modern self-portraits into one holistic effort, six songs comprised of an eclectic mix of modern jazz and R&B, while Kutiman's graceful production shows the artist's wide range of auteurship. Thru You Too is the kind of album that broadens its listeners' scopes, opening the sonic conversation to new ideas, mediums, and collaboration techniques.

Check out the full album on Kutiman’s site here or on YouTube.


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