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Banksy Gets The Lego Treatment

Seen here, the iconic street artist's works penetrate even the Legoverse.

Ah, the Legoverse; idyllic and peaceful in the thousands of Lego manuals that span from the grounds of Hogwarts to the cuboid plains of Minecraft. Thanks to the creative efforts of The Brick Fantastic photographer Jeff Friesen, however, these peaceful plastic paradises have come to be occupied by a new resident/street artist/vandal: Bricksy.

Inspired by the work of the ever-alluring, anonymous non-Lego, Banksy, Friesen composed a witty photo set that transforms Banksy’s iconic work into sweet, sweet plastic— and added some typical Lego in-jokes for dramatic effect.


We find, for example, the flower-chucking rebel youth of yore, throwing his Molotov bouquet to a fabulous lady cop. The maid sweeping the dirt beneath the wall paint humors a confused onlooker. The mother fixing her punk son’s bandana smiles broadly as firefighters and policemen border the scene. Anarchy can be funny, sometimes— provided it’s pursued by tiny yellow people with limited ranges of motion.

Friesen, well-known in the Lego community for his tailored-for-virality Lego projects, including the 50 States of Lego and The Great Lego North, could not be more artistically distant from Banksy, the artist well-known for his off-the-wall, on-the-wall global art rebellion. But it seems they appreciate each other’s work: Banksy's taken to Instagram to compare Friesen’s parodies to his originals. It's comforting to know that even the anonymous, omnipresent public figure has a sense of humor.

Banksy isn’t the only icon to be Lego-fied this week, either:

Polish Lego artisan Jerac has just completed the nearly eight-month long construction of the biggest, most accurate Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer in the world. Lego also just announced that a fan-made Lego set, that features important women in science, will become an official, mass produced Lego product.

This could be the tipping point: Hungarian designers have unveiled the tallest Lego structure in the world. The record-breaking plastic tower projects 114 feet of solid Lego cubeage straight into the sky above Budapest, Hungary. Partially constructed with help from a crane, a Rubik’s Cube rests on top of the plastic tower, paying homage to its Hungary’s history of innovative architecture and design:


Also this week, a builder from Lafayette, IN built a bust of Sandman, the titular character of Neil Gaiman’s legendary graphic novel series:

And Lego designers just released the next installment in their Creator Line: a classic Mini Cooper composed of over 1000 pieces. The downscaled replica even includes reclining seats, a realistic-looking engine, and a picnic set, complete with wine glasses and a tiny baguette:

It's been a big week for Lego. What did you build?


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