This Transforming Furniture Puts the Table in The Adjustable

French furniture brand Boulon Blanc discovers new ways to maximize space and functionality with a convenient interior design idea.
October 25, 2016, 5:05pm
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The transformation between coffee and dining table is made with big city–small spaces in mind in Boulon Blanc's new crowdfunded kinetic furniture. When considering artful furniture design, one thinks of sculptures by Gord Peteran or the high-end kitsch of Wendell Castle. In this case, Boulon Blanc’s table uses helicoid motion with an X-based mechanism in order to change sizes with just one simple rotation. Constructed from an ergonomical oak, it was inspired by aeronautics and watchmaking. Each table is made of 300 moving parts, making it both a complex and user-friendly system. It’s no wonder that the French furniture brand’s Kickstarter campaign achieved 94% of its initial fundraising in just a week—by optimizing space, it seems, Boulon Blanc's transformable table also maximizes revenue.


Via Kickstarter

Get your table-on-the-go here and check out more works of Boulon Blanc here.


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