Harry Styles's Video for "Sign of the Times" Is a Meme Waiting to Happen

There's flying.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
May 8, 2017, 2:23pm

If Harry Styles' hadn't already hinted that he might have ideas slightly above his station (remember when he announced his single "Sign of the Times" on the anniversary of the release of Prince's album of almost the exact same title?) his new music video, in which he walks on actual water like the Christ himself, probably confirms things.

The clip for "Sign of the Times," the Baby Bowie-esque first single from Harry Styles' debut album Harry Styles, sees your boy out here smouldering like an upmarket catalog model, swept off the ground by the force of his own sheer emotion, gliding around mountains, zooming across the screen, and a bunch of other things that are absolutely, definitely going to get turned into memes. It's actually a pretty good Male Solo Artist Music Video, and proves that nobody on the planet looks into a camera quite as well as Harry Styles right now.

Watch above and try not to cry at 4:05.

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(Image via YouTube)