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'Castlevania' Pachinko Featuring 'Erotic Violence' Proves Konami Hates You

You can still play a new "Castlevania," if you’re into gambling.

Konami's departure from traditional video games earlier this year was dramatic, awkwardly severing ties with legendary Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima, and abruptly cancelling his hotly anticipated collaboration with director Guillermo del Toro on horror game Silent Hills. But that doesn't mean its beloved franchises are gone forever. Why, we already have a trailer for a brand new Castlevania…. pachinko machine.

If I had to pin a holy trinity of licenses for pachinko, Japan's favourite gambling problem/pinball variation/mob coffer, it'd be mega-popular animes Evangelion, Lupin the III and sparkly pop ensemble AKB48. It's not the first Castlevania product the company, Takasago, has made with Konami, but perhaps by utilizing "erotic violence," a theme of Castlevania that has never been so clearly defined for audiences, it can land in the pantheon of deafeningly loud, cigarette scented monster machines. See the absurd trailer above..

Konami had hinted they'd pursue their gambling ventures, which has shown more growth than the AAA games they're known for. For fans of Castlevania games, developer Koji Igarashi has successfully funded a successor, Bloodstained, that is everything like the franchise aside from the title. But if it's "erotic violence" and smelling like an ashtray you're after, then this is fantastic news for you.